Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince

March 26, 2009

fag-glassAlison Mosshart and Jamie Hince are an Anglo American Garage Rock Duo who document their lives on tour with the use of Polaroid,  lomography and photobooth photography. Their love for retro 60’s cameras and novel forms of photography have influenced me hugly in my own work. Being in a band 24-7 takes its toll and Jamie and Alison tend to take it out with their cameras. Living out of hotels and your bus’s their photography creates something extraordinary out of something mundane such as a hotel television or a glass of cigarettes.Their polaroid work is often minimal yet quite  unusual.


They also use 60’s and 70’s lomography to document their lifes with Diana’s and Holgas as well as the classic Olympus Pen’s. This constant use of analogue photography makes their style warm and charming.


Often with the Holga’s trademark light leeks and multiexposures they photograph each other doing mundane things, sometimes such as just sleeping or sitting.


Their love of photo-booths has come across in their photography too, as they have documented over 100 photo booth sessions, posing in extraordinary and ridiculous ways. This sense of breaking the rules of photography and reverting back to old techniques has made Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince a huge influence on my work.




4 Responses to “Alison Mosshart/Jamie Hince”

  1. jeff said

    can i ask where you found all the polaroid pix of alison and jamie’s? and is that pic with all the money really of alison mosshart?

  2. Chelle said

    I am also in love with the techniques that they use, when i see what they do with photography i am immediately inspired. thank you for also noticing the greatness that comes from the two bandmates.

    • Luke said

      awhh im glad ive found somone else who enjoys their photographs as much as me ha.
      Tell me about it, i bought two polaroids and a holga thanks to them, the kills are the definition of cool tbh.

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