March 26, 2009



Students will produce an online blog that will have 12 entries, each not exceeding 200 words.

Each entry will have credited images and weblinks to research material. It might also use video or other media.

Training will be provided for those who have not made a blog before.

All Blog options are suitable. Students can use Blogspot, Blogger, Myspace, Facebook Notes, Bebo or any other solution.

It is very important that you tutor knows your BLOG address

e.g or your tutor will not be able to give feedback or will not be able to mark your work


3 must be from the CORE topics

Photography Core Topics



Modernism / Postmodernism

3 must be selected from the BIOGRAPHIES topics

Photography Biography topics

August Saunders

Robert Frank

Paul Graham

Stephen Shore

Sam Taylor Wood

Nan Goldin

Eileen Perrier

Gerhard Richter

William Eggleston

Sarah Jones

Philip Lorcia diCorcia

6 Topics must be defined by the student.

These should be of personal interest for your own research and, ideally, should relate to the ‘discourse’ of your chosen degree programme.


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