Larry Clark

March 26, 2009


Larry Clark is one of my favourite all time photographers. His hyper real photography depicting the sleaze and squalor of teenage youth, captures my imagination beyond belief. It destroys the dignity and self respect with think we have right before our eyes. A teenage girl barley over 20 towers above the viewer in awe of her body she grips a boys penis between her hands. The audience is invisible, clark somehow engages us in the photo without making it obvious.  It this genius that captivates me.


He grew up as a teenager in the drug squat suburbs of Tulsa. Casually shooting amphetamines with his friends he quickly started shooting them with him camera too. Its this gonzo photography which i admire so much in photographers , and larry’s no exception. His work features the parts of teenage bohemian life we all wish we had.


Shooting to fame in the 90s, he quickly became a name mentioned among cult followers , as he released his feature film KIDS. Like his photography it documented adolescence in a raw but fun light. Primarily based around skateboarders it followed a group of teens through drug dens and house party’s, but with the serious overtone of sexual disease. The climax of the film results in a girl passing aids on to a boy. This juxtaposition of dark yet erotic subjects make Larry Clark one of a kind.


2 Responses to “Larry Clark”

  1. bohemian said

    uh, speak for yourself, pal. the bohemian teenage life we all wish we had? dude, did you look at the whole collection of tulsa? i seriously doubt it. tragic can’t even begin to explain. it’s the life we all wish we had once we are consigned to hell. hyper-real? man, you must be on amphetamine…

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