Merlin Bronques

March 26, 2009


The first time i discoverd Merlin was on the  amature club photography website

It was two polaroid photographs of a naked woman put, but together to make one image. It struck me as beautiful and so i dove deeper into this. It turns out he had done a series of these mostly based in las vegas, featuring strippers, hookers and just generally willing women.  He would take them to toilets, hotels and somtimes his apartment and photograph them in two parts and piece them together. it turns out Merlin is not only a personal photographer, but a successfully nightclub photographer and musician.


Originally from Brooklin NY, he grew up in Montreal Canada, under the moniker ‘merlin’. He had relative success as a solo musician releasing various albums and getting radio play often on tv show much-music. He later formed two other bands before giving up music and finding a career in night life photography and released the book ‘ lastnightsparty: Where Were You Last Night?’ in 2006.

His nightlife photograph is as raw as his vegas polaroid series, often depicting night clubbers, stripping of their clothes and sprawling across the floor. His photography uses avaible light similar to nan goldin who i expect he draws influence from, which is one of the reasons i love his work so much.



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