Patrick Pantano

March 26, 2009


There is not alot of imformation about Patrick Pantano,  as i discoverd him through the cover art of cds, namely ‘The White Stripes’. He is both a photo journalist and musician who started off drumming for the influential Detroit based band the colors. He moved around to different bands like alot of detroit musicians and stumbled apon the white stripes. He used his acomplished photo journilst skills to document the Stripes and ended up taking their distinctive album covers.


Pantano has an eye for space rarther than subject which intrigues me greatly. All his images seem to focus more on the space around the subject rartherthan the subject itself. He manipulates the photograph by placing his sitters in awkward spacing and zooming out greatly to give a sence of depth to his images. I have been influenced by this use of dead space as a technique as i havent seen it used so often as much as Pantano does.


He creates a sense of wonderment and intrige in the subject when photographing space rartherthan subject and has a whole series of abstract work of walls and dead space. This style is highly influencial to me.



One Response to “Patrick Pantano”

  1. Julie Cook said

    really good luke. Very visual and well written.

    Include any references to other websites, their work or reading where relevant

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