March 26, 2009

rankin-beauty-edit-37Primarily known as ‘Rankin’ John Rankin Waddelis a British Portrait and fashion photgrapher. He is the cliche rebel photographer having been expelledfrom school he went onto taking commisioned photographs of A list celebrtiys suc has britney spreaars, kate moss, Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth II. He co founded the muli national selling fashion magazine Dazed and Confuzed aswell as his own magazine RANK. He is recently moving into film with his british ganster movie ‘The Lives Of The Saints’. Not bad for an expelled student.


His work is generally quite erotic, yet mysterious. He uses studio lights to create dramatic shadows that envelope the subject against white back drops. Aswell as full body shots he is also a master of close up macro photgraphy. Taking pictures of  smaller things as Nipples and Tounges he blows them up to gigantic propotions simulating the idea of it being a landscape.


His work has influenced my close up photography as i realised you dont have to be close to a subject to take close up photgoraphy, you can be meters away and just zoom into a breath taking moment.

Rankin Moscow Story / Blend Magazine / Tuuli


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