Cindy Sherman

May 12, 2009


Although she doesn’t state herself as a feminist, alot of her work is pro female, and draws attention to such things as stereotyping women and typecast, and she is widely regarded as a feminist figure. She often photographs herself in the images, dressing up as various imaginary roles. I also found out she actually dated Robert Longo, and took one of her 1978 film still images at his family lodge.


Her work is often in black and white and often depicts women doing mundane things, but in a post modern light.  Her work appears to be using the 40’s and 50’s Hollywood era movies as inspiration, almost identically as i do.  She also became popular for the raunchy project she created with naked sex dolls in various humorous poses, which was seen as vulgar by some and clever by others. She uses a range of techniques both color and black and white thus making her work quite inconsistent in some respects. However her work always seems to Carry’s a sense of female  glamour and pride, and this is why her images have become so popular.

cindy sherman


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