Nan Goldin

May 12, 2009


Nan Goldin is an american modern controversial documentary photographer. She was raised in a jewish family in the suberbs of Boston. Her first exhibition was on gay and transexuals. She later moved into the newyork new wave scene which injected her style with fashion, drugs and often sex.


What drew me to her work initially was its highly intimate, heroin chic look; which reminded me heavily of larry clarks who’s work who i admire deeply. Infact i actually came across a misplaced larry clark photograph when researching G. Her images strike you as often seedy and rushed, they grip you a sence of reality that you dont get with alot of other photographers. Sweaty and often naked, her subjects contort around her images craeting a colarge of flesh and tone. Somtimes you catch yourself looking at a girl which you first see as a boy. Her work is often not profesionaly lit in any sence, and taken on compact cameras, another reason why i love her work.


With exhibition titles like ‘The ballad of sexual dependency’ and ‘ill be your mirror it is obvious her work is highly charged with romance and love, not only this but both these titles are also song names. These two things alone make Nan goldin one of my new favourite photographers.


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