Robert Frank

May 12, 2009


Robert frank is a black and white photographer, who rose to fame on his cutting edge book titled simply ‘The Americans.storyline_bil

He was regularly compared to the philosopher de toqueville for his rebellious outsider view of American society, much like Larry Clark who i have also analyzed.


His work even today seems post modern and quite cutting edge, with his creative use of cropping and angles which 40 years on took me by surprise and excitement. His photography is very clean cut and sharp ; and you can tell he has taken his time to prepare the shot and plan how he is going to crop it. Either this or he is taking very little time to set up the shot resulting in cropped photos. Either way its this stroke of  genius which makes Robert Frank stand out among others.


His various photos of American couples such as bikers and other sub cultures at the time struck me immediately as int resting and i have suspected Joe szabo may have ripped this off a bit. Roberts work has impacted me quite significantly , through his use of unconventional framing and stark spaces in between his subjects. Simply genious.



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