Steven Shore

May 12, 2009


Steven shores dead pan often snap shot imagery captured my eye immediately. It was this image in-particular which drove me to research him as i thought id seen it before. The result was i hadn’t, but had been tricked by a cheap knock of taken by Jamie Hince (See other post). A hotel tv might not seem much but to most people, but its this quirky abstractness which i enjoy in his images so much.


Two hot dogs, drizzled in cheap mustard sit on a paper plate below us. Glistening in grease and wrapped in bread waist coats. This awkward humour only Shore can pull off, without seeming overly pretentious and its what makes him a famourite amoung proffesionals and non professionals alike.


Some people might say Steven Shores work looks lazy and derivative, but if one looks deeper into the history of his work they can see  that actually his photographs take often hours to set up, and he often goes back to re shoot his photographs again and again. Its this integrity and perfectionism that makes Shores work so intriguing.



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