Martin Parr

December 14, 2009

After researching Martin Parr in depth , watching various documentaries and interviews with him i get the idea that martin Parr wants to show how things as he finds them and as he thinks they are rather than construct an artificial facade of something which is what he believes most photographers do. He says that his work is partially fictional in the way that he has captured them but essentially they are just as they are. I wish to follow this mentality in my photographic shoots and really depict my subject as it really is, in its element. I don’t wish to produce a synthetic version of what i think the subject is, i only want to capture it in its environment nothing more. This bare bones approach to photography is what i believe i am best at, and have decided I have no need for soft focus lenses and diffused lighting. I only want to produce an accurate raw documentary photograph of my chosen subject.

Looking at Martins work he mainly documents people doing what their best in their own environment, eg. Sun bathing, eating, and living in general. His other style of photography is to take close up pictures of food and other such items, but I wish to follow the former style as i believe I can be more experimental with it.

I will conduct my photo shoots at various social events to really get a feel for his snapshot like style, and to create a sense of urgency about the photographs I produce. Inspired by Parr’s fascination with people I will document people at things such as partys, social gatherings and in their own homes, as i want to really see what they will react like once they are comfortable in their own environment, rather than placing them someware else, true to Martin Parr’s style.

Martin uses a wide range of cameras from disposables, to compact digital cameras to SLR’s. So i will experiment with various camera types and select the best, and most creative images from the photos i have taken and hopefully choose a single photograph which sums up the events of the previous photo shoots; keeping in mind martins bold and unique documentary style.

I will try and shoot my subjects as spare of the moment and as raw as i can. Martin said in one of his documentaries ‘ I will try and take a photo only once’. I will bare this in mind when conducting my location shooting and will try to stray from staging a photograph to avoid predictability, and essentially produce a totally spontaneous photograph.

“Magnum photographers were meant to go out as a crusade … to places like famine and war and … I went out and went round the corner to the local supermarket because this to me is the front line.” – Martin Parr


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